Advancing Disability Justice Request for Proposals

January 22nd 2022


The Transforming Power Fund (TPF) is a Detroit-based social justice fund committed to

transformative systems change. TPF grew out of a city-wide effort, initiated by Detroit’s social justice community, to bring more foundation resources to social justice movements and to demonstrate a more equitable approach to traditional philanthropy. TPF provides funding, training, and other resources for local projects that address the root causes of systemic problems and advanced holistic solutions. TPF prioritizes community governance, donor organizing, and shared values in order to model a more equitable approach to philanthropy.  TPF embraces the shared values of inclusion, equity, justice (racial, economic, gender, disability, environmental), personal transformation, structural transformation, intergenerational relationships, cooperation, collaboration, continual learning, creativity, audacity, healing, and

working across boundaries. TPF is fiscally sponsored by Allied Media Projects. For more information about TPF go to


To be eligible for any Transforming Power Fund grant program, an organization or project must:

  • Be an organized group of people:
    • Nonprofit with 501(c)3 as determined by the IRS
    • Federally recognized American Indian tribal government or agency
    • Fiscally sponsored by 501(c)3 organizations or by federally recognized tribal governments
    • Organizations that are not incorporated or fiscally sponsored may possibly apply, however the applicant must first contact TPF staff before continuing the application process.
  • Be led by people who are most directly affected by the problems that the organization or project is addressing
  • Carry out its work in Detroit, Highland Park, or Hamtramck, Michigan


  • Publications, reports, workshops, classes, conferences, research, or litigation efforts unless they are part of an ongoing community organizing effort.
  • Environmental work unless it is aimed at achieving social justice goals (i.e. environmental justice). For example, the Transforming Power Fund generally does not fund recycling or resource conservation projects, but we will fund community organizing projects addressing environmental threats that disproportionately harm communities of color or low-income communities.
  • Projects sponsored by a government agency. For example, the Transforming Power Fund would not fund a project led by a public school district. However, we would fund a project led by communities of color that partners with public schools to address the academic achievement gap for students of color. The project must be community driven and led by those most directly affected by the problem.
  • Endowment funds or capital campaigns.


The Transformation Power Fund is seeking applications for its Advancing Disability Justice Grants 2022 to support disability justice leadership in Detroit, Highland Park or Hamtramck.

TPF will provide one-time grants in the amount of $45,000.00 to two organizations that serve persons with disabilities.  These funds are unrestricted and may be used for operating costs, community organizing, cultural work, leadership development, movement building, or policy advocacy to advance the rights of persons with disabilities. 

TPF grantees may use $10,000 of the funds for capacity building, organizational development and/or to hire a consultant to build out a strategic vision and/or theory of change. 


Disability justice is a movement framework that centers disabled people of color. The principles include: intersectionality, leadership of those most impacted, anti-capitalist politic, cross-movement solidarity, recognizing wholeness, sustainability, commitment to cross-disability solidarity, interdependence, collective access and collective liberation.


TPF prioritizes work that is led by persons with disabilities and/or groups and organizations whose focus is on disability justice within the City of Detroit, Highland Park or Hamtramck.  Funded projects will focus on building capacity within the disability community through community organizing, cultural work, leadership development, movement building or policy advocacy led by persons with disabilities and/or those impacted by persons within the disability community. 


Webinar to answer questions regarding the grant will be held on January 10, 2022  at 1 p.m. est. To register, please use the following link:

Proposals will be accepted from December 6, to January 31, 2022

Decisions will be made by February  28, 2022.

Funds will be awarded by April 1, 2022


All proposals must be submitted using the link below.  Documents marked with an asterisk are required.  Applications that are not fully completed cannot be reviewed.  


To learn more about TPF’s grant process please review our frequently asked questions.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project before submitting your proposal you can contact Bishop Marcia Dinkins at or the Program Coordinator Cheyanne Jeffries at

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